5G is here and it is redefining expectations – and rewriting standards – with regards to data processing requirements like volume, velocity and latency. The 5G revolution also creates new opportunities for CSPs roll out new revenue generating applications, transform their OSS/BSS systems, or develop strategic integrations for their enterprise customers.
These opportunities, however, can only be realized with the proper infrastructure in place; patching together generic and open-source technologies simply isn’t going to work for true digital transformation at a scale that 5G facilitates.
In this white paper, we dig into the impact of 5G and examine the challenges and opportunities it creates through a number of topics, including:
  • Why is 5G different?
  • Popular 5G use cases
  • New 5G business opportunities via network slicing
  • 8 real-time database features required for 5G
  • And more

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