VMware announces general availability of NSX for vSphere 6.4

VMware announced updates to the latest version of its network virtualization software platform, NSX for vSphere 6.4, with a focus on micro-segmentation.

VMware has been working to break into use cases with NSX beyond security by combining it with other products. In 2016, for example, VMware launched a different version of NSX called NSX-T, which was made to address increased interest in data center technologies and public clouds. The company has said it believes network virtualization could be potentially bigger than server virtualization with resources no longer being bound to data centers.

With the newest version, VMware is introducing a NSX UI Plug-in for vSphere HTML5 Client, which can access management tools. Additionally, an identity firewall has been added, which supports user sessions on remote desktop and application servers (RDSH) sharing a single IP address. The solution is also able to enforce security policies based on the IP address of virtual machines (VMs).

NSX for vSphere 6.4 introduces a new defense featured called Context-Aware micro-segmentation as well, which the company says brings security policies down to the level of the application. Using micro-segmentation, network administrators can better protect VMs with a custom firewall during deployment.

The company said the addition of this feature can better secure applications using the full context of the application. An Application Rule Manager suggests application security groups on top of rules in an effort to build a cohesive and manageable micro-segmentation strategy across the data center, according to the company.

The platform also comes with an Upgrade Coordinator, which the company said provides “a single portal to simplify the planning and execution of an NSX upgrade,” with “a complete system view of all NSX components with current and target versions, upgrade progress meters, one-click or custom upgrade plans and pre- and post-checks.”

VMware also recently released version 1.3 of its vSphere’s Integrated Containers solution with a focus on making it easier to deploy containers. The latest version comes with a create and delete wizard alongside a new GUI to make it easier for users to create a Virtual Container Host (VCH). Users are able to keep tabs on containers through the vSphere Web Client with a plug-in that provides control over virtual container hosts.

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