In Federal Communications Commissioner Mignon Clyburn’s dissent from the lifting of Title II regulation on internet service providers, she called her statement a “eulogy.”

Twitter users alternately cheered and mourned the end of net neutrality, which was put in place under the Obama administration and lasted just two years before being lifted by a party-line, 3-2 vote at the FCC yesterday.

Clyburn said that, among other things, the FCC was ‘[pulling]its own teeth.”

On the other side, Chairman Ajit Pai is dancing:

(Which, side-note, apparently landed him in hot water:)

Former FTC head says everybody should just calm down:

Predictably, ISPs were pleased with the news. Amazon, Facebook and Netflix were among the large tech companies who were not.

Meanwhile, wireless industry trade groups were generally pleased:

With some possible caveats from industry experts:

Sen. Ted Cruz did a bit of trolling:

House Speaker Paul Ryan says throwing open access enforcement to the FTC was the right call:

Donald Trump Jr. weighed in (and was promptly informed that Pai was nominated to his chairmanship by Trump’s father):

And other Twitter uses responded with bleak humor, or (gasp) some introspection:

But is the battle over? Nope. A number of states promptly announced their intent to sue over the regulatory change, and Senator Ed Markey said he planned to introduce congressional action to reverse it.



Or, in short:

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