Academic researchers have identified 10 new security vulnerabilities in LTE protocol procedures, using a testing approach they call LTEInspector. Those weaknesses are in addition to nine previously identified attack types.

You can read the full paper here, and the researchers detail attack types including an “authentication relay attack” in which a victim cellular device is impersonated and can obtain access to the core network without appropriate credentials, enabling location information to be spoofed. They also discuss the ability to mount denial of service attacks and hijacking a user device’s paging channel to stop SMS notifications to a device, or send fabricated messages.

Elsewhere on Twitter:

T-Mo CEO John Legere is talking up the Samsung Galaxy S9 on the carrier’s network:

Verizon demonstrated two-way inter-carrier software-defined network orchestration:

And is also interested in testing LTE in AWS-3 bands.


While AT&T is making a major re-training push to deal with digitalization disruption:

On the internet of things front, Reuters did some digging and found patents filed by Wal-Mart that envision fleets of drones tending farms, doing things like pest control and cross-pollination.

And um, speaking of companies getting into tech in unexpected ways, you can now order Denny’s via Alexa.


This tweet is about user interfaces, but it made me think of 5G standards:

Speaking of 5G, some numbers over at Intel:

I loved the Pi day tweets. Salute to Fluke Networks and Keysight!

And for a little non-tech fun to finish out the week, if you missed the hashtag #rateaspecies, check it out.

But given the weather in the northeast this week, maybe you just feel like … letting it go?


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