Braxton Carter talks 2018 priorities for network and business, and discusses T-Mobile 5G strategy

T-Mobile US CFO Braxton Carter, speaking during a keynote session at the Deutsche Bank 2018 Media, Telecom and Business Services Carter, called out competitors for 5G-related marketing claims that reflect each carriers spectrum position rather than the technological reality of 5G.

“It’s almost comical watching all the positioning,” Carter said. “It’s really fun watching all the carriers at Mobile World Congress, ‘We’re first, we’re first, our approach is the best.’ All the carriers, if you listen closely and get past the hype of their strength and why they think they’re in the best position, is you understand that 5G is band agnostic. 5G isn’t a technology that was developed for a certain type of spectrum. 5G is a technology standard that applies to all types of spectrum.”

He continued: “What we’ve said all along is that our 5G approach will be utilizing every part of our spectrum portfolio anchored on a very significant development for our company, which is a nationwide footprint of significant low-band [600 MHz] spectrum.”

Carter said T-Mobile US has invested $40 billion, including spectrum acquisition, into its network over the past five years, and continued network improvement is an ongoing priority. He said the other primary priorities for the carrier are to continue it’s “Un-carrier” marketing approach and continued growth in the postpaid and enterprise segments.


In December, T-Mobile announced it will acquire Denver-based Layer3 TV, and, in this year, offer up a combined mobile/home subscription-based TV service. Carter described the cable space “as ripe for disruption. We have no intention of competing the way the cable companies compete. Our approach is we’re a wireless company.” Citing success with its zero-rated BingeOn service and promotional offering with Netflix, Carter said, “That’s why we’re interested in cable. It’s not going to be a me too, OTT-type offering. We’re not going to go into more detail now.”



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