T-Mobile US continues its efforts to clear 600 MHz spectrum as quickly as possible. The carrier has a new agreement with a Dallas/Fort Worth-area broadcaster, NBC 5/KXAS-TV, to move to its new frequency in late May of this year so that T-Mobile US can access the 600 MHz spectrum in the area.

Cities in north Texas that fall into this area include Paris, Sulphur Springs, Waco, Tyler and Wichita Galls as well as Ardmore and Durant, Okla. T-Mobile US said that the cities are already covered by its LTE-Advanced network.

The carrier noted that the 600 MHz repack in north Texas will occur more than a year ahead of the Federal Communications Commission deadline of June 21, 2019. T-Mobile US has also put together a similar agreement with a broadcaster in New York City to clear the spectrum (with work expected to be done early this year), and also is helping to fund the migration costs of PBS stations in rural areas in order to help them move more quickly.

“We’re keeping our foot on the gas to add 600 MHz to our LTE network as quickly as possible, giving customers even more capacity and coverage while laying the foundation for 5G,” said Neville Ray, T-Mobile US CTO, in a statement. On Twitter, he added that T-Mobile is “going hard with 600 MHz,” mentioned the NBC 5 agreement and said there is “more to come.”

T-Mobile spent around $8 billion in the auction of 600 MHz spectrum previously dedicated to television broadcasters. The carrier is touting its 600 MHz build-out as “Extended Range LTE” and says that the spectrum enables coverage “which travels twice as far and works four times better in buildings than mid-band.” T-Mobile US has already begun turning up its 600 MHz coverage in hundreds of small cities and towns, and expects to ramp up its build-out this year.


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