Smartphones are responsible for the majority of mobile network infections, and most infected smartphones are running Android applications, according to Nokia. The company tracks ransomware through its threat intelligence lab and has used the data gathered to develop new software to fight ransomware. Nokia says automation can help service providers mitigate threats before breaches occur.

Nokia said the latest version of its NetGuard solution integrates analytics and automation to make security management proactive rather than reactive for operators. In addition, the company wants to establish a foundation for the addition of advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities in future releases.

Mobile network operators often deploy multiple security solutions across their networks, and as a vendor of core network equipment, Nokia is positioned to see the performance of all of these. The company said its security management platform is designed to let network operators monitor, configure and control all the multi-vendor security systems deployed across their networks.

Nokia said this year’s Wannacry ransomware attack illustrates the need for proactive security management. While security patches were available prior to the attack, they were not deployed in many cases, according to the company. More patches might have been deployed if operators had been able to automatically respond to all security alerts. Right now, up to 70% of security alerts are not investigated, the company said. (Nokia derives that estimate from data compiled by Cisco, Ponemon Institute and ESG Research.)

“More sophisticated attacks, growing network complexity and the proliferation of IoT and other devices make it nearly impossible for security teams to monitor, react to and resolve today’s threats quickly and effectively,” said Ron Haberman, head of emerging products in the company’s applications and analytics business group. “Nokia’s extensive heritage and expertise in network communications technologies and network-based security uniquely positions us to address these unprecedented security challenges.”

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