There seems to be an explosion of new companies and technologies in the telehealth or telemedicine arena. Recently I met with MedSign International CEO Tom Conroy and VP of Marketing Robin Sharp. They briefed me on their new service called Qortex, which is a TV-based telehealth system.

They have developed this new television-based idea and it sounds like it could grow into an important slice of the industry, for the elderly sector of our population. It is focused on those who may not use or even understand how to use technologies like iPhone or Android smartphones, tablets or computers.

Telemedicine lifeline connecting doctors, families and loved ones

Qortex simply plugs into the TV and the patient can communicate with their doctor or the hospital through their TV and remote control. It is a really simple idea and easy to use.

There is a camera, a box like a cable TV set-top unit and a remote control. It sounds like it is as easy to understand and to use as traditional pay TV. Something the elderly use every day.

Currently, MedSign is a B2B play. Their customers are doctor’s offices and hospitals. This group gets Qortex to their patients to use in their own homes so they can stay in touch better than ever before.

MedSign provides a doctor visit over your TV set

In essence it is traditional TeleMedicine, except it’s much easier to use for the elderly community on their regular television sets. It lets the elderly see their doctors more often without leaving their home.

The doctor can get online without any equipment or software. Instead, they just log onto the Qortex web site.

Patients can have a regular doctor’s appointment, a check-up or just a conversation without having to leave their home. Also, if they have a sudden problem, they can talk with the doctor right away without having to schedule an appointment days or weeks ahead.

As MedSign grows, their plans are to expand and reach out to the customer directly as well.

Telemedicine, telehealth rapidly growing through COVID-19 pandemic

Qortex is an innovative idea that bridges the gap between the technology like smartphones, tablet’s and computers and ordinary TV. There are lots of customers who don’t use a smartphone, but they do watch TV.

During this Covid-19 or coronavirus episode, telemedicine is quickly growing in importance. This is a good thing as it will help keep our loved ones healthy.

Too many of us have lost family members to this pandemic. It can be devastating. So, if the magic of telemedicine can help us take better care of our loved ones, it should be a home run. The market is there.

Moving further, faster toward telemedicine, telehealth

This is really just another way to deliver telehealth services over a two-way, TV-based technology that takes traditional telemedicine technology to another level making it easier for the elderly to get better care on an ongoing basis.

Longer-term, if this is successful, I expect there will be competition as this slice of the market develops. This is still the early chapters in this new story.

I have been hearing from quite a few companies with new and interesting ideas that need some exposure. So, as time goes by, I will share some of the stories and what I learn with you as we move further, faster into this exciting new world of TeleHealth.

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