What’s the next step in our COVID-19 journey? As we begin to re-open, re-enter life, go back to work, go to ball games and everything else, we need to do it smart and focus on safety. Hayver is a company who is actively focused on taking their existing offerings and using them to arm us for this next battle.

Hayver is a very interesting and important company. In 2017 they started out helping the addiction community. They created an app which lets the addicted people stay on the recovery track by communicating with their own group of family and friends.

You see, the addicted often do better when they are in a center and under treatment. However, when they go back home to the same surroundings, and with no support, they too often relapse.

Hayver app helps addicted population recover

The Hayver app is a comprehensive solution to monitor and hold the addicted population accountable with their support group. This helps improve the chances of long-term recovery.

They adapted their app to help with the COVID-19 Pandemic. It is also a comprehensive solution to monitor and hold people accountable, which will help us as a society to better manage this ongoing threat.

With this new technology, they are helping society manage the coronavirus threat and let us get back to life as usual, with precautions.

Hayver Guard app blends healthcare, wireless to fight COVID-19

This new Hayver Guard blends the healthcare industry with the wireless industry through a smartphone app in the COVID-19 fight.

Have you wondered about the next step with COVID-19? How will we be able to go back to work or to the stadium to watch a ball game or anything else where there are crowds? How we will monitor and control?

As we learn more about the coronavirus, we realize there are different levels of threat. One level is to determine whether we have it or not. Another level is to determine if we had it in the past and may have an immunity to it going forward.

This is important information to know about everyone in the population.

Hayver Guard app uses smartphone in telemedicine, telehealth

When we stand in line to get back to work or other events in our lives, we must know who is safe to be around and who is not.

We need to know who to let in and who to send away because they have a fever or something else.

Since we all carry smartphones and all use a wide variety of apps, this can be the perfect solution.

Your employer may require every worker to download and use the Hayver Guard app. Before you enter any crowded area, you may have to have the app active on your smartphone.

True, this may be a pain in the neck for many, but it may be the only way we can get back to any sense of normal going forward.

This is an exciting new area that will be very important going forward. It is exciting for the investors and for the companies, but also for the populations of every country around the world looking for ways to re-enter the world as they knew it in safe new ways.

It will be very interesting to watch how Hayver and other companies with new technologies will offer a bridge between yesterday’s wide-open world and tomorrows more safety-conscious world.

As I learn more about this and other companies and their technologies, I will share this with you, as we enter the next stage in the COVID-19 journey. The next year or two will be a new adventure as the worlds of healthcare and wireless continue to blend.

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