Amdocs launches new intercarrier service orchestration tool

Amdocs, a software and services provider to communications and media companies, rolled out a new intercarrier service orchestration solution, which enables Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to automate traffic scaling across multiple carrier networks.

The offering addresses issues CPS’s face associated with committing to and meeting enterprise service level agreements (SLAs) for high performance connectivity. It provides the elasticity and automated scaling associated with an open source architecture founded on open network automation platform (ONAP). It also leverages MEF’s lifecycle services orchestration (LSO) application programming interfaces (APIs) for connectivity services across various global networks.

“Amdocs’ new solution leverages several technological developments pioneered in our Amdocs NFV powered by ONAP portfolio, which is the industry’s first comprehensive software and services offering built on ONAP open source technology,” said Anthony Goonetilleke, group president of Amdocs.

“Today we have a unique virtual intercarrier orchestration solution created using ONAP’s open-source framework. It offers service providers the ability to easily automate intra and intercarrier network scenarios end to end from initial ordering to in-life management of the service sub-components in a virtualised network. The use of MEF standards and APIs enhances the solution by simplifying intercarrier connectivity and by combining this with ONAP, Amdocs is leading the market with practical NFV solutions that accelerate service agility for our customers.”

CPS’s serving multinational enterprise customers are dependent on partners from around the world to offer a total service in addition to committing to SLAs for end to end network connectivity. According to the company, the new Amdocs solution can deliver the elastic connectivity to meet customer needs and be flexed to fulfill the demands of cloud-based solution, orchestrating the international connectivity requirements of enterprise customers.

“Intercarrier service orchestration solutions are a compelling example of how versatile ONAP’s architecture has already become,” added Arpit Joshipura, general manager of networking and orchestration, The Linux Foundation. “When integrated with MEF’s standards, these type of solutions can be used to solve network traffic management issues across networks. Support for intra and intercarrier operations resolves a major business problem for CSPs today specifically for enterprise customers.”

This isn’t the first time Amdocs has dipped its toes into the virtual market. In September, for instance, the company deployed Amdocs NFV powered by ONAP, which provisions the lifecycle of virtual network functions (VNFs). Similar to the intercarrier service orchestration solution, Amdocs NFV is also powered by ONAP technology, and can be launched either on-premises or in the cloud.

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