Mirantis Cloud Platform update focuses on making hybrid cloud management easier

Kubernetes continues to serve as the main container orchestration and management platform with updates to Mirantis Cloud Platform (MCP). The latest MCP comes with a new capability to allow multi-cloud self-service Kubernetes clusters through Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS), which the company said will make it easier to manage hybrid clouds across Amazon Web Services (AWS), OpenStack and bare metal.

Kubernetes is one of the most popular open source projects on the telecom scene today. Its use is expected to continue to grow as more companies migrate toward cloud-native software development. Containers have become equally popular with the rise of Kubernetes, allowing service providers to deploy multiple applications on a single operating system (OS).

Companies want to use CaaS solutions without the risk of vendor lock in. The company said it is bringing the latest MCP to the market in order to aid businesses throughout their hybrid cloud and digital transformation strategy.

Mirantis has been working with CoreOS and Google in recent years in an effort to expand its portfolio with CaaS. The company it is attempting to differentiate itself in the market through operational efficiency rather than the dissemination of open source technologies.

The recent release includes updates to Stacking, Operations Support System (OSS) tools and DriveTrain, a tool for lifecycle management. In addition to supporting Kubernetes, DriveTrain provides additional updates for OpenStack, Ocata, OpenContrail and software-defined networking (SDN). Moreover, StackLight includes a new DevOps portal, which provides a bird’s eye view of the MCP environment .

The company said the new aggregated toolset minimizes complexity of Day 2 cloud operations through services and dashboards with a high degree of automation, availability statistics, resource utilization, capacity utilization, continuous testing, logs, metrics and notifications.

“With many new open source tools constantly being introduced into the vibrant container ecosystem every month, CaaS platforms are becoming increasingly complex to operate,” said Mirantis CMO and Co-founder Boris Renski. “Building on our experience operating OpenStack for customers like AT&T and VW, we plan to continue introducing new container services to our managed open cloud portfolio as open source projects behind them become more mature.”

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