Nokia AirScale Radio Access is ready to meet the coming communications demands of

humans and machines, from extreme throughput to ultra-low latency and with wide connectivity for billions of IoT devices.

Now you can benefit from a future-proof radio network that is programmable and easy to reshape in an instant to meet new, unforeseen demands.
Download the eBook to find out how AirScale Radio Access can help you give your customers a better communications future:
  • Adapt your network instantly to meet new demands
  • Scale up to unlimited capacity anywhere, anytime you need
  • Deliver near-zero latency for virtual reality and other exciting use cases
  • Provide huge connectivity to support IoT devices of all types
  • Use new technologies and spectrum the instant they become available
  • Target zero emissions – cut costs and help save the planet
  • Discover ten ways AirScale delivers ten times the performance

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