Cradlepoint announces IBR1700 LTE router

Cradlepoint unveiled a solution package for its NetCloud service, which includes a new router intended to bring the benefits of software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) to first responders and related fleet-based organizations.

First responders rely on 4G LTE technology to communicate vital information in real-time. Cradlepoint’s new IBR1700 mobile router is made to extend SD-WAN to LTE mobile networks. It is intended to be installed in a vehicle’s ignition, from fire trucks to ambulances.

“First responders rely on constant data communications with their command center and other responders. This means they need to have an always-on WAN connection. Cradlepoint’s mobile solution can support two concurrent cellular providers in real-time and can fail-over to two others. That means it gives first responders the ability to connect over any combination of AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, giving them coverage virtually anywhere,” Todd Krautkremer, CMO at Cradlepoint,” told RCR Wireless News in an email exchange.

“At any time, SD-WAN allows traffic to be steered down the optimal LTE connections depending on policy. Most importantly, Cradlepoint’s mobile solution supports FirstNet, the private cellular network for first responders created by the federal government after 9/11. The combination of multi-carrier support, FirstNet and SD-WAN is unique in the market today,” he continued.

Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Solution Package combines networking, security and management features, including SD-WAN for LTE, with the automated vehicle location (AVL) and telematics capabilities. The IBR1700 LTE router includes OBD-II support with an accessory cable for vehicle health and diagnostics reporting, according to the company.

The IBR1700 is ruggedized as well, which allows the router to withstand harsh environments first responders find themselves in. NetCloud Perimeter is included in the base package, which uses software-defined perimeter technology to connect in-vehicle IoT devices, including sensors, cameras, PoS terminals and digital signage.

“It was designed to withstand extreme temperatures, vibration, dust and dirt, etc. The specific environmental specs include: Shock/Vibration/Humidity: compliant with MIL STD 810G and SAEJ1455, Ingress Protection: compliant with IP54 (includes protection from dust and splashing water),” said Krautkremer.

The IBR1700 mobile router follows Cradlepoint announcing last month a new subscription-based pricing model for software and cloud-based wireless WANs. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Solution Package serves as the basis of the new pricing model.

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