The Broadband Forum CEO: ‘We are still working to define the jigsaw pieces of 5G’

As part of its work to “provide a practical roadmap to deliver 5G,” the Broadband Forum has finalized two new 5G standards, which will help operators leverage their fixed networks to deliver on the promise of next-generation connectivity.

The new standards, 5G Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) Architecture’ (TR-470) and ‘Access Gateway Function (AGF) Functional Requirements’ (TR-456), were developed with contributions from operators and vendors around the world and in close collaboration with the 3GPP.

Gavin Young, head of the Fixed Access Centre of Excellence at Vodafone Group Technology stated that every operator is coming from a different starting point as it pertains to deploying 5G, and according to him, that means “any transformation steps” have to be “independent and not require coordination.”

“Deployment flexibility is also needed—and it is these challenges, and more, that TR-470 and TR-456 address,” he continued.

In a press release, the Broadband Forum explained that TR-470 describes the 5G FMC architecture to provide a high-level guide for network architects and planners, while TR-456 describes the functional requirements of the AGF, which exists between fixed access networks and the 5G core network to support 5G and wireline Residential Gateways.

Broadband Forum CEO Robin Mersh called the new specifications critical pieces to “the very big jigsaw” that is 5G.

“[A]nd we are working with operators to define those pieces quickly, efficiently and, most importantly, together as an open collaborative effort, preventing fragmentation and misalignments between stakeholders,” Mersh added. “The breadth of our ongoing work and how much of that has 5G at its core is significant and the holistic approach we can take is unique to the broadband industry and critical to the ongoing development of 5G.”

In additions to these specifications, which are going through the final stages of approval, the forum is continuing to work to standardize and enhance the transport network to ensure that the demands of 5G can be meet.

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