End-to-end network slicing holds promise as the key to unlocking new business opportunities with 5G to drive revenue growth. So exactly how will service providers benefit from slicing? And how can they overcome technical challenges?
This webinar, developed by Strategy Analytics, will discuss where business issues meet technical topics to help service providers uncover the opportunities and deliver on the promise of 5G with network slicing.
Key topics to be explored include:
– What should operators and vendors do in 2017-2018 to prepare for 5G end-to-end (E2E) network slicing?
– What use cases, ecosystem players and business models can drive new revenues with network slicing?
– What business benefits beyond revenue growth can operators achieve with slicing?
– What are the right KPIs for measuring and guaranteeing network slices?
– Is network slicing essential for SDN enabled services?
– What is needed to make E2E slicing a reality?  And where are the gaps?
In addition, Strategy Analytics will highlight early examples of software defined network (SDN) enabled slices for SD-WAN QoS and Security, as well as leading vendor and service provider activities to date.
The webinar will aim to cut through the hype and to provide a set of recommendations for service providers and their vendors. It will focus on near-to-mid-term activities to position players to maximize both near and longer term 5G opportunities.

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