This new iOS mobile app enables you to store and then easily retrieve all of your personal information including frequent flier accounts, bank accounts, credit card accounts, online accounts and most any other important personal information. 

Were you ever in a situation where you needed to quickly look up some important personal information but didn’t have readily available? Sure you were. We all have times that we need to quickly find a frequent flyer number or a credit card number and don’t have it immediately available.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a mobile app in which you could easily store your personal information and then easily retrieve it whenever you needed it? Fetch-It is a new iPhone app that gives users a way to easily store and then retrieve important personal information.

Fetch-It has nine categories of personal information:

1) Personal information

2) Properties

3) Credit cards

4) Bank accounts

5) Online accounts,

6) Frequent flyer accounts

7) Car rental accounts and

8) Email accounts

9) Other

Once the information is stored in Fetch-It, the user can quickly and easily retrieve it – typically with two taps. The system backs up to the user’s personal information in iCloud and requires a password to enter the app to keep it secure. It also requires re-entering the password if the app is not used for five minutes.

The following diagram provides two screen shots that demonstrates how easy it is to use Fetch-It:

Fetch It

The first screen is the Setup. You enter your name and choose a password. This is important as it prevents the information in Fetch-It to be accessed by others. The second screen is the Main Menu for Fetch-It. It allows the user to quickly choose the category of information that is stored and then easily accessed in Fetch-It. By having these nine categories, it makes it easy to find the information when you need it.

The following screen shot on the left shows sample information for a credit card. The screen shot on the right shows the format of entering credit card information. Once the information is entered, it can be accessed by selecting the Credit Card category and the name of the credit card account. Thus, you can find any account information by only making two taps: one for the category and one for the actual account.

Fetch It

The information is structured similarly for the other categories. Again, once you enter the information, you can retrieve it in only two taps on the screen.

Strategic insights
Over the years, there have been a number of personal information managers (PIMs). Back in 1997, Palm introduced the PalmPilot and the term PIM was stood for the user’s contact and address book information. Contact information is now embedded in every smartphone. Today, PIM really stands for your personal information that is in addition to your contact information.

Let me now share with you that I created Fetch-It after being frustrated for many years about the inability to easily store personal information and then retrieve it quickly when the information was suddenly needed. I spent a year designing it so it would be easy to use – so that you could quickly retrieve any personal information stored in Fetch-It in just two taps whenever you needed it. Then, I found a development partner that had experience building a number of iPhone mobile apps.

The app is now available in the Apple App Store. You can download it for free (just type Fetch-It in the search area) and get to use it for a week at no charge. Then, if you like it, the app will automatically charge $4.99 through the embedded App Store payment process.

And, yes, I have already started work building Version 2.0 and have started designing Version 3.0. We have some very cool features under development that will make Fetch-It even more useful than it is today. One obvious enhancement is to build Fetch-It to run on the Android platform. If you like the Fetch-It app, please tell your friends about it. This is one of those apps in which you will likely hit your hand on your forehead and say, “Just above everyone could use an app like this!” Those who have tried the app so far and have told me about their experience say that they love it.

I find that while I don’t use Fetch-It every day, when I do use it, it is worth its weight in gold. Try Fetch-It. I think you’ll never leave home again without it (pun intended).


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